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Monday, 8 September 2008

Summer holidays...

- well another academic years upon us, and for most in full swing.
Over the summer we've made loads of progress on our website: www.121hometutors.co.uk
and the efforts seem to be paying off. Hopefully its a more user friendly site and easy to navigate to find a tutor or our contact details!? [if not then comments are greatly appreciated]

And for those looking for a little more information - hopefully thats there too. We aim to provide info on the tutoring process, links to useful education sites, and to show people there's more help available to learners than perhaps they realise. Don't struggle alone...there's help.

Its a huge battle, a website - first it has to be found by people. Thats a challenge in itself. Making a site findable by search engines doesn't necessarily make a site good for the visitor: once hurdle 1 is done and the sites a little further up the ranking, then hurdle 2 - it has to look ok on the eyes and has to provide the information the visitor wants.

We did try employing companies to do some of this - the SEO experts, the keyword experts etc all to find it takes more work chasing them to do the work its quicker to learn how to do the things yourself - the old adage, want something done, do it yourself is so true!